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With the Spreadsheet Product Master it is possible to manage all Magento products in a Google spreadsheet. You can translate all texts, create configurable products, delete existing products and much more. The Magento System is testing whether there are some changes or not. If something is changed, the import is starting automatically.


If you are using this extension, the first step is to create a connection to your Google Drive. For this you have to log in once to you Google Account and request a code. This code should be inserted in your Magento admin area. After that, you have to choose one folder to specify a so called Workspace. The Workspace is the place where all the product data is stored. This means all spreadsheets and the product images.

In the Magento admin area it is possible to create one or more Google spreadsheets. The spreadsheet is looking like this:

Example Spreadsheet

The features of the Spreadsheet Product Master are:

  • Fast editing of products. You are editing the data in the spreadsheet and in the background Magento is checking for product updates. Are you not tired to see the loading indicator of Magento?
  • Create multiple spreadsheets and share them with your distributors or with your employees. Create one spreadsheets with the products from category X and create the next spreadsheet with the products from category Y.
  • Before you start to manage your products you should export your existing data (if there is something). Choose a category, a spreadsheet and export your whole products in only some minutes.
  • Create configurable products the easy way. Specify a parent product and some child products. After setting the attribute which is connecting them you are finish.
  • Upload images: You upload the images in a Google Drive folder which has the same name like your product SKU. After that the pictures are assigned to your products.
  • Translation: Create a spreadsheet which contains values from your English store and from your German store. One row will represent your English and one row will represent your German values. No annoying store switching is needed.
  • Price Tiers: Create price tiers very fast by inserting a simple syntax, which specifies the group, the quantity and the regarding price.
  • Assign products to a category. With a special syntax you can create the category in the same import process (only adding a * on the beginning).
  • Filter your products by attributes or other values use the power of Google Sheets.
  • Delete products very fast. If you insert in the column “Delete” the value “Yes” the product will be deleted in the next import. This means it will be deleted in the Magento system and in the spreadsheet.
  • Get feedback: If you insert a wrong value, the Magento will inform you inside the spreadsheet about your mistake.
  • A drop down box in the cells is helping you to insert the right value.
  • 6 months updates and support.


3 reviews for Spreadsheet Product Master

  1. Uwe (verified owner)

    I was tired to work with the slow Magento admin. This is realy an alternative to manage your products. The support was awesome!! Thanks.

  2. MohammadSadegh Maleki

    Magento is really good for online shops but unfortunately, it is too slow so for a long time I was switched to another online shop system, but as I found this awesome module again I switched to using Magento. it is an incredibly simple and fast solution. Thanks for this module and your perfect support.

  3. saguado

    Really nice extension, I seriously considering to get the Premium license. I have installed your extensión but I’m having a little issue with it. The Products > Item condition is being removed when exporting and importing back the file. My admin backend is in EN lang, my frontend is ES (Spanish), just in case. When I export, previous-last column on the excel file contains the item condition, but the value is exported in Spanish and not in English like any other values on the file. I have tried to put the value in EN but, same result, Item condition is removed once I import the excel file back.

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