Magento 2 bulk product import with images

With our extension the Spreadsheet Product Master you can import product data inclusive product images. For this you need a Google account and our extension. How to set up the extension please look at this video.

There are two ways to import images into your Magento shop system. The first way is to insert image URLs like this The other way is to save you images in a Google Drive folder and import it from there.

In the view above you see the Google Drive folder where the spreadsheet for the product data remains and a folder to store all the image data.

The spreadsheet contains all the data which also can be modified in the Magento 2 admin area. The important part for the image bulk update is the SKU. With the SKU you can specify which folder should be assigned to which product. For this you have to go into the image folder from the image above and there you are creating a subfolder named exactly like the SKU. If you starting a export process this will be done automatically. After creating a new row/product in the spreadsheet it will also create a folder like this automatically after the first import is running.

If the image folder and the SKU are matching for the extension it is clear which product and which image belongs together. Additionally the extension will append the name to the SKU folder. But this part is optional and will be only used for a better usability. The name of the image folder will be “[SKU] – [Product name]”. E.g. if the SKU is product-a and the Name is “Product A” the folder name will be “product-a – Product A”. But if you create the folder manually product-a as a name is enough. Please look here for an empty spreadsheet.

The position is specified by the alphabetical order of the images. Additionally it is possible to include some keywords in the image name to e.g. set the thumbnail or base image. The following keywords are allowed:

  • base – If the image contains this keyword, it will be the base image of the product.
  • swatch_image – The picture will be the swatch image of the product.
  • thumbnail – When the image name contains this keyword the image will be marked as thumbnail.
  • small_image – To specify the small image the keyword small_image should be part of the image name.

If this is not enough for you, there is a new column where you can specify the exact image location (see screenshot below). The location can be inserted by an URL or by a relative path in your images folder. To add multiple images you have to separate them by a semicolon.

The following things are possible:

  • folder/image.jpg – Specify the exact location in your google drive. The base folder is always the images folder inside your product workspace.
  • – Specify an URL to download from.
  •; – Import multiple images by separating with a semicolon.
  • Nothing – If you insert nothing all images inside the folder images/[SKU] are imported into Magento.

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