How to translate your Magento products in a Excel like spreadsheet

You want to translate your products and you are using the Magento 2 admin? Then you have the following problems:

  • If you want to translate your texts to a specific language you don’t see the values of the other languages in one view. Only by switching to the other store view you are seeing the other values.
  • Switching to other store views is very time consuming and you have to confirm always a warning dialog.
  • Before you switching or after editing you have to click on save which takes some time. It depends on the amount of used attributes.
  • You cannot filter for non translated values.

With my extension you are able to translate the product data in a Google spreadsheet. For this you have to choose at first a category and after that you choose the spreadsheet which should be used for the translation. On the end you are clicking on “Start Export” and the export is starting.

Translate Magento 2 products of a whole category in a Google Spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet you will have for each product a so called “admin” row. Additionally there will be rows for the different store views. If you have a German and an English store you will have for each product an admin, a German and an English row. The admin row represents the default values. This means if you are not translating the other rows it will fall back to the default values.

Tranlate Magento products in Excel.

Please look at my video to see a detailed explanation of the translation process.

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