Create configurable products in a Google Spreadsheet (CSV, Excel) and import them to Magento 2

If you want to create configurable products with our extension you should create at least two rows in the spreadsheet. One row will be the parent product and one row should be a child product.

To make the connection between the rows you have to insert the parent SKU in the parent column of the child products.

To specify the super attribute you have to insert the attribute value in the column of the corresponding attribute. Before the attribute value it is important to make an exclamation mark. Otherwise the attribute value will be used as a normal attribute and not as a super attribute.

For the image handling you are creating a new folder inside the images folder. This folder should have the name of the parent SKU. If you want to specify special images for the children, you have to create an additional folder inside the parent SKU folder. This folder should have the name of the child SKU.

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