Manage your Magento products in Google Spreadsheets

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Edit your product in the spreadsheet and continue your work. The cron job in the background will do the rest for you.

Power of Google Spreadsheets

Use all the awesome functions from Google Spreadsheets to edit your products.


Share the spreadsheets with other people. For example with your distributor or with a co-worker.

Bulk Processing

Work on many products at the same time. E.g. change all your SEO data in seconds.
It was never so easy to manage your Magento products.

How it works

Connect your Google Drive to your Google Account.

Choose a folder in your Google Drive where all the data is stored.

Create a new spreadsheet to export your current products.

If you have already products in your Magento shop start the export.

Start modifying or inserting your products.

Get feedback after input your data.

Upload product images.

Use Dropdown values.

Watch complete tutorial
  • The support is very helpful. Installing the extension in our system was no problem.

    Uwe MeinhardtShop Owner
  • I am distributor and I am inserting all the products by myself. This simplifies our communication process.

    Roger DempfleDistributor
  • To work on the SEO data of my products is much more easier if have the data in a table.

    Mariam BelinskiShop Owner
  • We are providing this extension to our clients. For them it is much more easier to manage the products inside a spreadsheet.

    Peter DrumMagento Agency

If you are using this extension, the first step is to create a connection to your Google Drive. For this you have to log in once to you Google Account and request a code. This code should be inserted in your Magento admin area. After that, you have to choose one folder to specify a so called Workspace. The Workspace is the place where all the product data is stored. This means all spreadsheets and the product images.

In the Magento admin area it is possible to create one or more Google spreadsheets. The spreadsheet is looking like this:

Example SpreadsheetHow much is it?